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About Us

Iron Studio is a custom metal fabrication shop in Greeley Colorado. Are goal is to help people with their custom fabrication needs. We do this by having personable, reliable, and quality in everything we do! Whether that is repair work, custom metal fabrication, or art we are here for you!

Our Story

It all started in a pole barn with a ark welder, 4.5-inch grinder, and an anvil. Michael Haren was making Christmas gifts for friends and family. People saw His work and said can you make this other thing? And things just grew from there. 3 years of welding school, 1 year of auto cad, and 4.5 years in the field he started Iron Studio.  Since then we have been able to serve a lot of people! And continually growing. Are goal being to help you with your custom metal needs through quality work and great communication.


Meet The Team

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