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Oil Field Pipe Round Pin

Well this week I had a customer interested in a 65' oil field pipe round pin! I worked up a quote and just wanted to share the information i found because there seamed to bee not a whole lot of info on the subject.

The posts

So first thoughts are what did the customer want. he wanted a 6 foot tall fence and he wanted the posts pounded into the ground. no drilling and setting them with cement. To make that as strong as possible I assume you punch the post 4 feet into the ground with a man saver post driver. We would have a total of a 10 foot long post this creates less waist and the depth makes it harder to move! There is one big difference in my design. I have seen others make the walls to where they angle out. that way if the horse gets close to the side you wont have your legs crushed! That means the posts are set about 10 degrees out from the base of the pin. That should give you a 12 inch differences from the top to the bottom to help you and the longevity of the pin.

Top rail and supports

The top rail will be saddled to the posts and continues around the top pretty simple and straight forward there. For added support I was thinking 3 sections of 2 inch by 3/8 inch flat bar that way you could attach a wood wall

The wall

The wall would be made from pressure treated red wood boards. This makes for a long lasting board, easier to replace if the side gets damaged, and in the summer makes things not quite so hot! They would be fastened to the 2 inch by 3/8 inch flat bar with carriage bolts, that way nothing can catch the rider or the horse!


Well with the gate its a big deal to make sure nothing in that aria catches! So the gate will be made out of 1.5 inch tube with a 3/16 inch wall for strength but also to keep things a little lighter. then for the gate latch using a one way latch on the out side. this would mean the gate would swing out from the pin allowing for not a thing to catch while you and the horse are leaving the pin.

If you have any questions comments or concerns Please reach out!! Are welding shop located in Greeley Colorado, but we serve all of northern Colorado and beyond! You can find us at 103 23rd street Greeley Colorado. And you can reach out to or 303-775-8122! Always happy to answer questions!

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