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Pipe and Tube- differences and uses in fabrication

Well so your starting at your next project. Hmmm what should I use? If you are looking to use square material you will be looking for tube. Tube comes in both round, Square, and rectangular shapes. Where as pipe you can only get in round. So why even think about using pipe if there are already round tubes? Well one of the most useful applications is using round tube and pipe together. say you need your project to have a piece that extends out but cant have a lot of slop in the part. You could use a 2'' tube and a 2'' pipe. This works because the 2'' tube is measured from the outside diameter. And the pipe is measured form the inside. And there should be enough tolerance for both of them to slide together with a snug fit. You can also put the 2 together to make things hinge or turn. For example if you wanted to put 2 plates together one being a base plate and the other being a turning top. You would weld a 2'' tube about 3'' long to the base plate. Then a 2'' pipe 2-3/4'' long to the top. And boom they will spin! Just in case you where wondering the 1/4'' difference in the cut length is to allow for the weld. That way the pipe is not rubbing on the weld.

Now the other big thing you will need to keep in mind when working with the 2 is tooling! Well Iron studio i have this pipe can i roll it in my tube roller?? No you cant. I've tried! First thing to note is since the outside dimensions are different so will the dies in the tools. The dies are meant to hug the material in a way that directs it where it needs to go but at the same time not crush it. So if the material is to big or small for the die it will mis shape the material causing it not to be round like we want it. The other thing you should keep in mind is pipe normally has a thicker wall thickness. so the tooling will be built with extra strength to compensate that. Its fine and dandy to put tube in a pipe tool if you are in a pinch and don't mind it being a little out of shape. but you are most likely going to destroy a tube tool if you try and work pipe with it.

If you have any questions comments or concerns Please reach out!! Are welding shop located in Greeley Colorado, but we serve all of northern Colorado and beyond! You can find us at 103 23rd street Greeley Colorado. And you can reach out to or 303-775-8122! Always happy to answer questions!

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